Turn Your Back Yard into a Stylish Lounge

Your back yard is like a sanctuary. Having a yard is both a blessing and a curse. The maintenance is tiring, but the effect is well worth the work if you do it properly. There is no “right” way to build your backyard space but you can add your own brand of style with affordable, DIY projects. Here are some ideas for turning your backyard into a stylish lounge of your own design.


Patio Furniture


All weather wicker patio furniture is the best choice for any backyard or sunroom, because the pieces are timeless and resilient to the elements. Wood and metal pieces are nicely designed, but you’ll end up replacing them more often than wicker. Wicker is also more resilient to the elements, keeping its color and integrity even as the worst of winter hits.




Accessories for the backyard should serve a practical purpose in addition to looking nice. Storage containers, for example, can look attractive and receive a paint job to match your yard. Other accessories might include lamps or solar powered lights leading to a garden. For those feeling extra ambitious, you can build yourself a fire pit out of bricks using little more than a shovel and some mortar.


Final Thoughts 


Outdoor wicker patio furniture isn’t a fixture of the past. New collections debut every day with styles that are more modern, and synthetic materials designed to last longer. Don’t forget to install a storage shed if you want to keep your furniture looking pristine all year long.


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