Think Like a Business to Make a Great Home Kitchen

If you are ready to redo your home kitchen, you just need to adjust your mindset. By looking at your home kitchen like a business owner would examine his or her commercial kitchen, you can easily create a kitchen that really works. Not only will your kitchen perform well, but it will provide all the members of your family with a place to feel at home and loved. And, by using your strict business accounting, you will create such a space while keeping your budget happy.


Streamline the Work


Looking at any commercial kitchen will show you that they are designed for efficiency. You can do the same to your home kitchen. Do you prepare a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables?  Then you may want to include an additional prep sink, just like commercial kitchens have. You may not have room for an entire wine cellar, but what about a wine fridge?  Do you want the ability to cook several items on the cooktop at once?  Then you may need to invest in a five or six burner stove.


Not only do commercial kitchens have fantastic appliances, but they also use the space in the kitchen well. Often the actual steps a person would need to take to complete a task are calculated. The less steps, the less time a person will invest in that task. You probably could use the extra time to do something a little more fun than peeling potatoes.


Consider Your Niche


Restaurants consider who their customers will be before they create a dining area. In your kitchen, you may want to do the same. Will only adults be eating there or do you have several children in the house?  Will your pets be in the kitchen with you?  Would you rather eat at an actual table or at a bar?


The answers to those questions will dictate many of your decor choices. When children live at home, your kitchen will be incredibly different than empty-nesters. Kids necessitate much more durable surfaces and more easily-accessible snack storage. Lighting is also important to those who use your kitchen. If eyesight is getting worse, better lighting will be required to do prep work and to read recipes.

Watch Your Bottom Line

Businesses hire accountants to take care of the budgets. You may not be able to do that with your dream kitchen build or remodel, but you can watch the bottom line like an accountant. There are changes that can be done relatively inexpensively, letting you splurge on other items. Additionally, you may consider investing in appliances that will save you money later. That would include water saving dishwashers and energy wise refrigerators. Make sure you spend the little extra it could cost for LED bulbs for all of your fixtures. They will end up saving your lots of money in the long run.


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