The best low maintenance indoor plants

Is it your dream to have a luscious garden, complete with stylish rattan garden furniture, but you don’t have the space or the time to commit to creating and maintaining a proper one?

As the population continues to grow, homes are getting smaller and often houses either have a tiny garden or no outdoor space of their own at all. Longer workdays also mean people don’t have time to tend to the gardens that they have.

However, all is not lost. Whether you’re short on time, lacking a garden space or admittedly just a lazy gardener, there are plants which thrive in an indoor setting which don’t need a much attention from you to survive.

Aloe vera

Like most succulents, aloe vera loves room temperature and a lot of sunlight exposure. There’s no need for frequent watering either, as this leafy pal thrives in dry soil.

If you are looking for a larger statement piece, go for the standard aloe plant rather than the aloe vera variety as they can grow up to around three feet in height if placed in the right conditions.

Spider plant

A super-popular indoor plant that you probably recognise instantly, the spider plant is a great choice for those looking to spruce up the interior of their home with minimal effort.

Another plant which thrives at room temperature, spider plants will need a little in the way of watering to keep them looking healthy as they love moist soil. Sunlight-wise, a bright room is best to encourage the growth of this variety.

They also work well at height as hanging plants if you’re looking for something a little different.

Jade plant

Another plant that loves being left alone in dry soil at room temperatures with lots of sunlight is the jade plant. Rather than the uniform look of the aloe vera, the jade plant has small, thick leaves which looks neat and tidy.

Jade plants grow very slowly, so you can be sure that, if cared for properly, they will survive for years.

Peace lily

Looking for a flowering plant? The peace lily is probably the most recognisable indoor plant, with its distinctive white, rubbery flower and simple aesthetic.

Place in a dry area with very low humidity for it to really thrive – and the best part? It doesn’t need much light either. However, you must remember to water it every now and then as it needs moist soil to survive.

Bring a little of the outside into your home – and brag to all your friends about your new-found green thumb.


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