The Average Cost of a Home Heat Recovery System

If you are considering getting a home heat recovery system for your home, it is always good to be prepared for the costs of this. The average cost of a home heat recovery system can differ due to many variables such as the size of your home, the type of home heat recovery system you want, and how you plan to install it. Here is everything you need to bear in mind before installing a home heat recovery system.

What Is A Home Heat Recovery System?

Home heat recovery systems are very simplistic systems at their core. They can aid in removing any toxins and chemicals from your home and swapping it for fresh air from the atmosphere outside. Whilst ridding your home of any toxic, stale, and moist air, it also heats up the air that is coming into the home, saving money and the environment. A home heat recovery system can lessen the amount of money you need to spend to heat your home and this is also better for the environment, as you will be using less energy to heat your home than if you were to use other methods such as radiators.

What Can Affect the Price?

There are many things that can affect how much your home heat recovery system will cost and planning on doing it yourself could limit the amount you spend. This being said, many people have no idea where to start when installing one of these systems in their home and, therefore, it is best left to the experts if you want to ensure that everything is in full working order. If you have a large home, you are going to need a larger system as it needs to reach all the places in your home, so the price will be more. When choosing a home heat recovery system, it is important to choose a great manufacturer that will also provide a warranty with their product. If you require your system to be installed, this will also be an added extra cost. There are plenty of guides online on how to install your own system if you are willing to give it a try, but it may end up costing you more if you are unsure and damage any parts.

Average Cost of a Home Heat Recovery System

The average cost of one of these systems depends on where you purchase. If you purchase from, they will aim to provide you with the best quality home heat recovery system, for the least price. If you want a system for only one room, the price is around £240 and if you want a home heat recovery system on a larger scale then the average price is around the £700 mark. If you have more wet rooms in your home, you will also need more ventilation, and this is something to consider when choosing a system.

Although you are paying for your home heat recovery system up front, you will slowly end up with a return on your investment, due to your energy bills reducing as your home is kept warm with your new heat system.

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