Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

We Spend More on Energy Bills

Did you know that just 10 years ago, the average monthly home energy bill was $78.24? And believe it or not, that number has gone up to the present day’s average of $107.28 each month! Costs have gone up by 37% alone in the past three years.

If you live in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Maryland or Hawaii, you might be paying even more on energy. When everything else seems equally expensive, it just makes sense to take action. We lose so much money every month that it is normal to end up with financial difficulties.

Why Is The Energy Bill Up?

Things tend to add up in the sense you end up using more energy without even realizing it. As a very simple example, let us say that you install an AC unit in your home. In this case, you would naturally consume more energy.

We cannot avoid this. However, we can easily avoid the situation in which you leave the AC unit on while you are away.

We use more electronics and this has a clear impact on our energy bills. We have more computers, dishwashers, bigger fridges and various electronic devices that we add. When we compare the current electronics with those of the past, we can see that they are much more energy efficient but we still pay more because of the volume that we use.

The ADT Pulse Solution

When it comes to home security protection, ADT Pulse is as revolutionary as they come. It affords households with remote security access while providing greener living.

ADT Pulse provides complete come automation—meaning you can remotely regulate your thermostat, appliances and home lighting with your Internet-enabled mobile devices. It doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll have instant access to your home’s amenities. Cut down energy costs while simultaneously increasing your home’s security.

With remote security access, ADT Pulse enables custom home notifications, video surveillance and a number of other settings that allow you to completely control the ins and outs of your home. Feel safe no matter where you are and turn your household into a green, energy efficient home.

Pay Less For Energy!

While the price for energy is the same, we can end up with lower bills. The ADT Pulse solution is obviously something that can help out a lot but common sense is also important. You can have the system installed but if you do not use it, you just wasted money. Make sure that you look at all the options that are available on the market and choose something that you would actually use. Try to reduce energy bills since you can always spend that money on something else.



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