Safeguard Your Home’s Safety & Beauty – Opt for Quality Bathroom Waterproofing Products

Apart from the kitchen, your home’s bathroom is the only room that is exposed to humidity and moisture on a regular basis. Since water usage occurs primarily in the kitchen sink, protecting this room from water damage is a relatively easy task. On the other hand, protecting the floor, walls, and ceiling of your bathroom can be a very complicated task.

Ignoring this risk will result in the water seepage and leakage problem spreading to all other parts of your house. If you live in a multistoried flat or home, a poorly-waterproofed bathroom can affect the appearance and structural stability of the entire structure.

Importance of Bathroom Waterproofing

The most common water-related issues that occur in the bathroom include:

  • Damp patches or leakage in the walls
  • Dampness on the surface of the ceiling
  • Leakage or seepage in the room below the bathroom

Damp patches on the walls may occur due to absence of water protection, inadequate proofing, or improper application of moisture-resistant products and solutions. The damp patches will cause the paint to fall off resulting in ugly spots, lead to growth of moulds, spores, and other harmful organisms in the bathroom, and result in general degradation of the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Steady leakage of water behind the walls may be an indication of leaking or damaged pipes and taps. If left unchecked, this issue can spread to other parts of your house as well.

Damp patches on the ceiling may occur due to improper waterproofing of the surface above the bathroom. Further, inadequate or improper drainage may result in evaporation of water in the bathroom, which will ultimately get absorbed by the ceiling. Apart from making your bathroom look ugly, a weak ceiling may end up causing a safety risk within your home.

Ignoring quality waterproofing solution may result in water seeping through the floor of the bathroom. This will weaken the structure as a whole, and spoil the stability and aesthetics of the area below the bathroom.

Solution to Water Seepage and Leakage Issues

The simplest and most effective solution to this problem is to apply quality water-protection products when constructing or renovating the bathroom. Merely buying quality solutions will not work unless you ensure the waterproofing is done by a professional expert with adequate experience and technical expertise.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring leakage of seepage as a minor issue. Even a small leak or a minor instance of seepage can compromise the structural strength of the entire house. Additionally, you’ll find it virtually impossible to hide the aesthetic damage resulting from your badly-waterproofed bathroom. Tackling this problem at the earliest is the safest and smartest approach.

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