Rustic Rooms: Give Your Home An Earthy Touch

What makes a house a home? Furniture? A family? A dog? Really it’s a house that feels loved and lived in. Some people prefer modern minimalism but most will want to feel, warm safe and cosy in their home. The most effective way to achieve this is through a rustic décor that invites you in and envelopes you in a world of pleasant harmony.

Natural Accents

Creating a rustic home is all about bringing nature indoors. That doesn’t mean that you have to be Snow White with her animal companions, but instead opt for including natural accents. These might be as simple as a single fruit bowl on your dining table, pine cones arranged on the fire place or calming flowers and succulent plants dotted thoughtfully on scattered surfaces.

Love Linen

Drape and cover your home with soft, natural fabrics like linen. Keep colours neutral in light shades of beige, cream, egg-shell and white. This will both brighten and calm the atmosphere ensuring that you stay uplifted and airy as well as feeling cosy too.

Furniture from the Forest

The highlight of rustic décor is the use of wooden furniture, shelves and frames throughout the home. Everywhere. Wooden floors are pretty much a given but be sure to invest in solid wood furniture from a quality company such as Fortune Woods. These pieces are sturdy, reliable and timeless. Their textured appearance gives the exact kind of perfect imperfection that rustic living is loved for.

Upcycle Everything

Upcycling is also key to the rustic home. Use your creativity and imagination to reuse old goods in new, intriguing ways. You could use old bottles for flower vases, crates for shelves or old jumpers for cushion covers. The possibilities are endless. Many rustic rooms also include objects bought from thrift stores, vintage shops or car boot sales. These create a curious home full of stories to tell.

So start searching out the perfect items for your rustic room. Whether you live in a small apartment in the city or a large country home, you can add a touch of earth into any living space, the whole year round. 


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