Reflect Your Personality in Every Room of Your Home

Bathrooms need not be overlooked when you decorate your home. When the care you invested in the other rooms of your home is extended to your bathrooms, those personal touches will resonate in their atmosphere. A few additions that can transform a stark bathroom into one of comfort include framed art or family photos, luxurious rugs, and a vanity reminiscent of fine furniture rather than a square cubicle with attached doors. 

Focal Point

Other than the tub, a vanity is the largest item of any bathroom. Making it the focal point enhances eye appeal and comfort level of the bathroom. Vanities don’t have to be plain, utilitarian features meant only for storage. By directing the eye on a handsome piece of furniture, your bathroom is converted into a room reflective of expensive hotel or restaurant powder rooms. You will find finely crafted pieces to complement the good taste you used to furnish your home’s décor on sites such as

Design Strategy

Vanities come in almost limitless colors, styles, and finishes. From wood to stainless steel to marble you will be able to find just the right piece to coordinate with your home’s established attractiveness. Wood finishes, such as cherry, ebony, maple, and oak offer sturdy comfort while stainless steel reflects practical modern approaches. As always, marble displays nostalgic luxury and opulence. Styles and finishes are available in almost anything from French provincial to colonial, and on up to retrospective of late 20th century.

Next to the kitchen, your bathroom is probably the second most used room in your home. It deserves the time and care you have put into every other room to make your home comfortable and inviting. Baths will feel more luxurious, pampering and beauty procedures will take on a new dimension, and daily routines will not be so dreary when your surroundings are meticulously planned and achieved. Whichever route you choose to go with when designing your bathroom, keep in mind you may have to redesign the rest of your home to match the panache of your bathroom!


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