Home’s Porous Surfaces

How to Protect Your Home’s Porous Surfaces

Your kitchen and bathroom are two major high-traffic areas in your home. They’re filled with steam, grime, dust, grease, and everything else you throw at them on a daily basis.

Home’s Porous Surfaces

You might assume that the surface areas, from the countertops to the shower doors, are designed to be water repellant and easy to clean. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case.

Particularly in the case of natural materials such as granite, marble, or limestone, these surfaces are actually quite porous, and they allow everything from soap scum to coconut cooking oil to sink right in.

That’s unfortunate news for anyone who wants their new construction or remodel to stay look new for years to come. Worse, a porous material is more prone to chipping and breaking.

Mold and mildew collect in kitchens and bathrooms because there’s plenty of places for them to hide, whether it’s in the grout lines or the “pores” of those glass shower doors. Black mold can be a serious health concern, and it might be so well hidden that you don’t notice it until it starts to affect your health.

Good health at home

Staying healthy refers to pretty broad terms. It can involve anything from ensuring you’re eating the right number of meals per day to making sure you’re ingesting those meals in a clean, sanitary environment.

You’ve just spent thousands of dollars on that sand-blasted kitchen counter, only to leave it completely unprotected. Fortunately, there are a few products on the market that can keep your surface areas safe for at least the next decade.

Consider applying HydroShield to various surfaces in these high-traffic areas, and all those pores will be filled, with an added layer of protection. Certain products can transform porous surfaces into something akin to a non-stick cooking pans: They’ll repel dirt, water, and grease completely.

They can even repair chips and prevent mold from forming. It’s a little like the top coat on that perfect manicure you just got.

The real costs of a remodel

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of choosing natural stone backsplashes or designing an outdoor pizza oven. But too many homeowners skimp when it comes to protecting the investment.

This can lead to dull and lifeless surfaces and countless hours spent scrubbing them down. A clean home isn’t just about safety and your physical health, but also your mental well-being. It can help you relax, sleep better, and de-clutter your mind, too.

If you’re considering a new construction or a massive remodel, you’re probably already tallying the total in your head. Probably the last thing you’ll think of is how to stay healthy in that new space, but remember that a stressful environment (such as staring at new chips in the surface or spending an hour on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and harsh chemicals) defeats the purpose of having a beautiful home.

You have many choices to make, from which travertine will work best for the kitchen, or what tile will make the greatest statement in your bathroom, but don’t neglect that finishing touch that will make your life easier.

Preparing for an easy cleanup and long-time maintenance may be the best investment you can make during a remodel.