Pests Are Prepping For Fall — But Are You?

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As the weather starts getting colder, the insects and pests begin searching for warmer habitats. Your house is the perfect stimulation for these pests, like bugs, cockroaches, fleas, and ants.

They all can carry contagious diseases to your home and also damage your food and personal belongings. To keep these pests out from your home, here are some simple rules to keep in mind.

Keep your garage and yard clean

The typical fall items like wet soil, dry leaves, and mulch can get stacked up and rot in the backyards and garages. These mounds are the most common places for pests to hide. Make sure that these piles get cleaned up from time to time, especially before the onset of fall.

Trim the bushes and trees

Most of the pests infest your house with external influence. If you have branches of trees encroaching your balcony or rooms, get them trimmed. The pests reach your home holding onto these branches, and their entry can hasten during the storms. This approach can easily be avoided by keeping the trees and bushes small.

Inspect your basement

Spend a weekend with a flashlight, surfing through your basement, and look for any hidden nests of shredded materials. In case you find any symbol for the presence of pests and rodents, immediately contact the Pointe pest control services.

Use airtight containers

It is prevalent to keep groceries and other items of daily use in bags and clothespins. But as fall approaches, keep your edible materials in sealed containers for hygienic storage. Or else, weevils and several hungry bugs might feed on the spread-out feast.

Fix your plumbing and condensation issues

Before the winter comes freezing, fall is the time to get rid of all leakage and plumbing problems at home. Look for ceiling leaks and any damp area, which might be worn down with moisture. This will save you from big trouble in the winter, as well as protect you from the germination of bugs, moths, and different fall pests.

Insulate any openings or cracks

The electric wiring or AC vents can leave your walls dented with cracks and gaps. Even the attic and garage can have pipelines with holes in the walls. Check for them and insulate these openings as the fall comes. This will stop an entry path of the pests. In case you do not get immediate assistance, you can use expanding foam insulation for the best results.

Get your chimney protected

A large vent in the middle of the house, chimneys provide the best entry juncture to all pests and rodents. Get a chimney cap installed to keep these insects away. For further protection, add a screen, which can prevent the pests from invading your house and taking residence there.

Arrange for storing firewood away

The fall signals for burning stacks of firewood, but at the same time, they are great hosts for bugs. To keep these wood pests away, try storing the firewood away from your residence. A minimum of 20 feet distance needs to be maintained. Bring in only the required amount of wood inside the house, for better safety.

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