How to Maximise Small Spaces in the Home

Your home is your own personal space and as such, it should only cater to your own personal needs. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook this fact when it comes to the space they afford themselves. When you neglect what little living space you have, you neglect your home’s potential but there are many ways you can make the most of a small home without feeling crowded.

Avoid closing rooms off with unwanted clutter and open up their potential instead by using some of the following tips…

Free up Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the busiest and most frequently occupied room in the house, especially in small family homes. With so many crockery and utensils on show, a busy kitchen can often signal a disaster waiting to happen. Take precautionary measures and brighten your kitchen’s appearance in the process by investing in a stacking organiser or overhead hanger for your pots and pans. The latter is a particularly wise storage solution for family homes with young children as this will protect young curious hands from danger.

Organise Child’s Storage

In a small family home, clutter can amass at an alarming rate. From toys to clothes and accessories, it can be hard to keep on top of your child’s bedroom clutter but it can become manageable if you know how. Start with their bedroom closet – is there room for a second rail inside? Installing a second bar lower to the ground is perfect for storing clothes for a toddler or young child since they are smaller and this will leave valuable space overhead for a shelving unit to house their favourite books and toys, giving their possessions a home besides the staircase or the living room floor. You may even want to consider custom metal buildings. They can offer you the space for storage for an affordable price.

Remove Unwanted Items

It’s quite simple – if something is not in use, bin it. It can be tempting to hang on to old clutter for a rainy day but you must ask yourself whether certain items will ever serve a proper purpose again. If the answer is no, get rid of these items by any means possible for example sell them online, donate them to charity or just dispose of them altogether.

You could even consider throwing a reverse housewarming party. Instead of having guests bring a new gift to your home, invite them to subtract from your home by organising a laidback garage sale party with friends and neighbours.

The above tips are just a few great ways of creating a more spacious and comfortable home. Remember though that you don’t just look inside the home for ways to maximise on space. Installing an elegant patio door can go a long way toward creating space in the home, it serves as a window to the outside world and draws beautiful natural light into the room to further create the illusion of a large open living space


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