Making the Most of a Small Bedroom

Small doesn’t have to mean cramped and unattractive when it comes to bedrooms. Sometimes, all you need is the right configuration. If you have a master bedroom that’s a little on the small side, here are some ideas for arranging it to make it a more appealing retreat.

Beds Are the Focal Point

A bed is always the focal point of a bedroom because it is usually the biggest piece of furniture there. Place it in the middle of the wall with the most visibility, usually the one across from the door, which you see on entering. This gives you access from both sides of the bed and allows you to balance the wall with nightstands on each side too. For rooms with twin beds, a corner position allows you more arrangement options.

Area Rugs Can Help

The right rug can help make a room seem larger. For smaller bedrooms, that means bigger area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting. The idea is to show a continuous space, which lets the eye roam over it. If your rug is too small, it stops the eye at its edges and makes the room seem smaller. If your rug is not big enough to cover most of the flooring, try to have the front legs of the bigger furniture rest on top of it.

If you like rugs with patterns, a general rule is that smaller pattern works best for smaller rooms. However, if that room does not have a lot of furniture, a larger pattern may be appropriate.

Storage Ideas and Furniture

Along with closet shelving and under-the-bed storage bins, find storage solutions in your furniture pieces by choosing a storage chest at the end of the bed instead of a quilt holder or valet. Look for taller, not wider in your chest of drawers, or move it into the closet. For additional furniture solutions, visit Hudson Furniture.

Put it on Paper First

Take a bird’s eye view of your bedroom and sketch it out first. Keep everything to the same scale, including walls. Don’t forget to sketch in windows, doors, and closets so you get a true representation of the room. Moving things around on paper is a lot easier than moving furniture and gives you an idea if your arrangement will work beforehand. There are several online sites that offer this service free.

A small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a nice one. Make the most of yours with these simple ideas and you’ll soon feel right at home there.


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