Make Your Garden a Contemporary Paradise

If, like me, you live in an area of the world that actually has seasons, then you will have noticed that it is extremely cold right now. Well, what do you expect, we are in January. Christmas is over, work has started again, and it’s months away from your annual holiday to Benidorm. It is looking bleak, I won’t lie to you, however I have an idea that will speed up the winter and keep your brain busy until we get to the happier months of the year. What I propose is that you redesign your garden and turn it into a contemporary paradise. Obviously it would be quite difficult to get any real work done in this drizzle and ice, but you can start planning and organising now.

Let me give you some ideas for how you can transform your boring old suburban gardenette into Eden.

Work It!

Well, you have to work with what you’ve got. Any fashion designer would tell you the same thing. Not all additions to a garden are going to work as gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Climate also plays a big role when it comes to gardens. If you live in Finland, you’re probably not going to want to plump for tropical lagoon, are you?

Pick a Theme, any Theme

In the past, gardens have been a collection of plants, grass, and a patio, with maybe an extra thrown in. One of the things that makes a garden contemporary is having a theme. Usually it helps to pick a theme based off a country. Japanese style gardens are really popular, as are Chinese and Mediterranean themes. Research your chosen theme and get inspiration from the internet and magazines.

Interesting Features

You need one or two standout features in your garden, something that grabs the attention of anyone looking out of a widow or stepping out of the patio doors. This could be anything from a large tree, to a shrubbery; maybe a split level shrubbery with a little path running through the middle (the Pythons will never die!) Okay, that last one was a joke. What works well are statues, fountains, ponds etc. Use your imagination as your garden needs to be an extension of you and your creativity.

No More Tiers

Actually, lots of tiers! Tiers in a garden can add real power to its aesthetic. You find it a lot in many Asian themed gardens, however it is quite difficult to if you live somewhere flat as it works better if you have natural a natural incline, or decline in your garden. Stagger the look of the garden for a really stunning, contemporary look. It also works if you have sections, say a patio area, a grass area, a gravel area, and a decked area. This only works if you have the space obviously, but creates an interesting area. Companies like will be able to help you out with patios and graveling. Try and use the smallest amount of companies possible as it will keep costs down and you won’t have loads of tradesman trampling your garden before you’ve even been able to enjoy it.

Get Out in the Sun

Get out there and enjoy your new paradise; sip your cocktails; soak in the sun. People don’t spend as much time in their gardens as they used to as they are too busy vegetating in front of the television. Enjoy the outdoors!


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