Make the Most of Your Acreage

You bought the home of your dreams. It’s a modest yet spacious energy-efficient dwelling nestled privately in the middle of owned acreage. What now? You can leave it be, if you prefer the settler’s experience of simple tranquility. Another option is to maximize the potential of your property by building additional structures and surfaces for a variety of different purposes. While it’s never a good idea to greenlight a construction project on a whim or a fancy, a carefully chosen add-on to your property is a great way to make the most of your land and maybe make some money off of it too.

Maybe you’re motivated to make changes to your unused land, but don’t know where to begin the process, or how to best utilize your property. Here’s a general rundown of improvement options for those with more real estate than they currently use:


Many hobbies and passions require one hard-to-find thing: the space for them to be conducted. With available land, aspiring equestrians can erect stables and fence. Motorheads sitting on empty space can commission a garage or two. Building the necessary structures for these sorts of interests doesn’t have to be a compromise between time and money either. The availability of kits for metal buildings and other prefabricated options means many folks can go the do-it-yourself route to save on upfront costs without investing more time in exchange.


Let’s face it – for all the fantasies of spending weekends chopping wood and clearing brush, a more likely possibility is that living isolated away from civilization will lead to bouts of inactivity and dullness. Installing athletic surfaces on available land is a great way to give yourself access to sources of activity without having to trek into the urban core. Half-court basketball is a popular and relatively inexpensive choice. Tennis courts can get pricey if you want one built to last, but they provide a great way to exercise as well as increase the value of your property so it might be worth the investment.


The profit potential of property is by and large the founding concept of land ownership. Raising livestock and growing produce is the classic way to realize the true value of acreage, but there are other, more condensed versions of estate entrepreneurship. Workshops, rotating seasonal novelty offers like haunted hayrides, and providing rentable storage space to locals are just a few options. The upfront costs can range greatly depending on your business plan, but unlike interests and athletics, an enterprise-based add-on to your property can result in a relatively quick return on your investment.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, putting otherwise empty land to good use can improve your life as much as your property value. Even better, it doesn’t have to be a bankrupting process either. There’s nothing wrong with wanting nothing more than to own land for no purpose other than to look at it. But property with potential is a terrible thing to waste.

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