Looking After Your Glass Windows the Right Way

Like lots of things, regular maintenance is the best way to keep something working properly. And this applies to the outside of your home as well as things like your car. While you might think that glass is easy to clean – and for the most part it is, do it the right way and your double glazing and patio doors will stay looking beautiful forever.

Maintaining the Frame

The company who installed your windows will have worked really hard in making sure that they were perfect, like in these videos from Frameless Glass Curtains. Maintaining the frames will make them last longer, making that work worthwhile, as well as looking better. To maintain them, follow this procedure twice a year. Clean them with a cloth with mild dishwashing soap and water. Rinse them with clean water using a hose, and wipe dry using a soft cloth. You should vacuum any tracks monthly and check the weather-stripping at the same time.

You should never use anything abrasive on your frames. You could void your warranty – make sure you check. Don’t scrape them with a razor blade or abrasive pad, or use caustic cleaners.

Maintaining the Hardware

Every 6 months to a year, you should make sure the hardware is up to scratch. Thoroughly clean and rinse your windows hardware, as well as awnings and casements and the tracks of slider windows and doors. Spray silicone lubricant or the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant on points of contact, locks and inside tracks. Check drain holes and free them from any obstructions. Replace any torn or loose weather stripping.

Cleaning the Glass

On the outside of the glass, use dish soap and water with a rag or cloth and rinse – you can do this at the same time as the frames. Don’t use a pressure washer to rinse your windows, as this has the potential to cause damage. Use a garden hose instead. Dry with a soft cloth.

Again, never use anything abrasive. Avoid letting paint, or hard water dry on your windows if you can help it.


There are seals or coatings available that will prevent your glass becoming dirty as quickly as it might do normally. It prevents water drops showing and helps keep the salt and dirt from rain sticking to your window. It may worth investing in if you do not feel confident in cleaning your windows by yourself on a regular basis.



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