What to Look For in a Good Power Drill

If you intend on doing DIY, then you need a power drill. There are so many different styles from different brands with different features, with some drills even having a dual use. How do you decide which one to buy?

Well, simply read on for helpful hints and tips on purchasing your power drill.

The Comfort Factor

While it may not be the first thing that you think of when you think about buying a drill, it should be. A comfortable drill to hold means that you can use it for longer with ease. If you have small hands or weak arms, then the biggest, heaviest drill is probably not the one for you. Look for a T-handle drill, as these are the most comfortable to use. If a drill doesn’t specify what kind of handle it has, then it will usually be a T-handle.

Drill Power

When looking at the specifications of a drill, you should take the voltage in to account. This usually indicates the types of jobs it will be used for, so make sure you know this before you look. A 7V model can be used for light drilling, whereas a 24V drill can usually handle any DIY project that you might take on. A drill between 12-18V can be used for all the usual home DIY stuff.

The more torque that your drill has, the better it will drill into hard surfaces. Use a slower speed setting for greater torque.

Cord vs Cordless

Cordless drills are much more convenient and can be used anywhere, whereas a corded drill needs an electrical outlet within reach, which seriously restricts their use. However, a cordless drill relies on a battery, which does inevitably run down. Most cordless drills come with two batteries, so as long as you keep at least one charged then it should never be a problem.

Drill Bits and Chucks

The chuck is the end of the drill where the bit is inserted. You should make note of this as the size of the chuck will allow you to use different bits. A large chuck will allow for larger bits and accessories.


There are many different stores out there that sell different brands of drills, like Elcocks. Go for a name that you recognise as this often means that it will be easier to find help if and when it breaks, or to find accessories.



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