Landscaping in the Winter – The benefits

While most gardeners dream of all the fun projects to be accomplished during the seasons of sun while sipping luscious hot beverages all winter long, some savvy gardeners are anticipating the cool season all summer long with equal fervor. One might ask – Why?

They know that winter is the optimal time to accomplish broad landscape projects such as pathways, patios; pergolas and trellises, and other hardscape structures, once the parade of flowers and colourful shrubs has ceased and the bones of the garden can be seen.

They also know that they will receive prompt service at the best available prices during the typically slow cold season. Winter is a tough season for landscapers and landscaping contractors, and they are enthusiastic about income opportunities during this traditional down-time.

Certain jobs, such as lying concrete for patios and pathways are actually better suited for the cool season, as cooler temperatures provide optimal conditions for concrete and masonry projects to cure.

Moist ground is much easier to manipulate when it needs to leveled and dug for irrigation pipes, new planting beds, and such. Organic gardeners refer to this as working in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

Another important factor is that winter is the season when insects are scarce, allowing one the ability to work without annoying distractions and potentially dangerous bites and stings.

Experienced gardeners will know the winter landscape

Savvy gardeners also love to take advantage of the winter to eliminate troublesome spots where native grasses and weeds thrive during the seasons of sun. This is the optimal time to lay down weed barriers and cover them with mulch, rocks, or even create a new raised bed on top of a previously wasted area.

Creating new planting beds in the winter allows the amended soil to compost and marinate; and provide optimal planting conditions in the spring.

Heavy pruning of trees, shrubs, and vines is a pleasure to perform while their life-force comfortably snoozes in their root systems. Many times, it can be virtually impossible to even see the troublesome branches once leafing begins with the season of sun; and with all of the other tasks to be accomplished in the short season of spring, heavy pruning is all-too-often postponed yet another year. Winter is the safest and most advantageous time for people and plants for heavy pruning.

All in all, every season has its blessings, and the savvy gardener can accomplish quite a bit while their garden lays fast asleep.


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