Keeping The Pool In Order

Owning a pool is a way for you to relax in the summer sun with your family and friends. Although it is a peaceful amenity for the home, there are some maintenance tips to keep in mind so that the pool stays in pristine condition. Companies like 1st Direct Pools have all of the items that you need to clean the pool, such as shock treatments and filters. It’s best to get the pool as clean as you can before swimming for the first time so that the water is free of bacteria and other debris. You’ll need to clean the pool at least once a week and use a skimmer to remove leaves and other items that get in the water during the day and evening.

As soon as you see debris in the pool, you need to get it out. Most of the items that you will see are leaves or grass that blows into the water after mowing, but there are some small animals that might get in the water as well, such as frogs or birds. If you let the items sink to the bottom of the pool, it can be harder to remove them as they will begin to deteriorate. Use a pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool and the liner at least once a week. Examine the filter when you vacuum the bottom to make sure it’s cleaning the water as it should. It’s best to replace the filter at the beginning of each swimming season.

If your pool has a heater, it’s best to let a professional service it to make sure that it’s functioning. If there are any electrical issues, then they will likely need to be addressed by a professional so that the system is replaced or repaired without any further damage to the unit. Maintain the water level. It’s common for there to be a loss of water due to evaporation, but if you notice significant drops, then there could be a tear in the lining. A garden hose can be used to add more water to the pool to get it to a safe level.


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