Keep Bugs off your Garden with these Effective Organic Pest Control Methods

Probably you are fully committed to an organic garden. But you’ve heard stories about how pests can ruin it. Sure, it’s possible to have an amazing garden with vibrant, diversified plants. However, it is best to know the possible pests that might attack it and how to keep them off.

If you have no idea about garden pests, you can get in touch with reputable pests control experts. For example, you can perform an internet search using common phrases such as ‘top pest control near me’ to identify some of the best pest control companies in your city. But before you do that, here are some of the effective organic pest control methods.

Intercropping works

Often, garden owners opt to place the same plants next to each other in one or several rows. Intercropping means placing different plants next to each other so that plants belonging to various species are mixed across the garden. This technique makes it challenging for pests to spot the plant they intend to feed on.

Use of barriers

Setting up a physical barrier is an effective way to protect your plants from pests. This is the same as wearing long clothing to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Floating row covers are commonly used for plant protection. It involves the use of a covering to protect young plants. The covering is anchored to the ground and rests on metallic hoops to prevent insects from getting inside.

Make sure that the covering is translucent or transparent so as to ensure the plants get sunshine. If the plants are flowering, it’s best to remove the covering so that bees and other pollinating insects can access the flowers.

Beneficial insects

Not all insects that find their way into your garden are pests. Damsel bugs and ladybugs eat other insects that attack garden plants. Having these beneficial insects in your garden can help prevent bug infestations and control the population of the already existing bugs.

In addition to these beneficial insects, many organic gardeners use various animals such as ducks and chickens to eat slugs and other similar pests. Remember, you should ensure that these protectors don’t access the specific plants they can destroy. They can do damage to those plants.


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