It’s All About Monochrome!

Monochrome style bedrooms are now becoming more popular and for good reason. It’s stylish, clean and timeless. It’s also a great idea for someone who may be looking to sell their home in the near-future as it’s unlikely to put off potential buyers, having a broad appeal that transcends different tastes.

There are different elements to redesigning any bedroom, windows, walls, flooring and also beds. The bed is a central part of this and you can get beds in various UK bed sizes that will look great in your bedroom. Ideally you’d get this in place first and use it as the launchpad for the rest of your room. The bed not only offers the central function of the room but also the central focal point too.

With great beds in black and white frames – there are many elegant bed designs that lend themselves to a magnificent monochrome room.

The timeless quality of monochrome makes it a hit if you decide to redesign your bedroom following this theme. You can go down the minimalist path, a modern looking monochrome themed design, and there are plenty more as you will see below.

Bear in mind too that you can set the rules for your room. Picking monochrome doesn’t mean a simplistic black and white. Hues, shades, tones and variations mean you actually get a surprising amount of variety from this classy theme.

Black And White Bedroom

You can never go wrong with a black and white monochrome themed bedroom.

With walls that are painted white, black bed base, and silver and white bed sheets and pillow cases you can create a bedroom that looks ultra modern. The silver fabrics and white walls are what really make this room stand out. Black and white accessories are easy to come by too, meaning this can actually be a style that is cheap to realise.

This colour creates a modern and luxurious looking bedroom.

Silk Monochrome Style

A silk monochrome style can create that classy hotel room vibe. Silk fabrics and white pillows amongst the background of intense white walls can make your room look bright, spacious and luxurious in one fell swoop.

Elegant Monochrome Style

You can create an elegant monochrome style by adding some cream coloured sheets and fabrics to your bed. Keep the walls painted white and add only black accessories to create an elegant monochrome style. Again this can be easy – and affordable – to pull off.

Minimalist Monochrome Style

A minimalist bedroom is exactly that. But being ‘minimal’ doesn’t mean your room can’t appear aesthetically pleasing. Get a bed with a black base amongst a backdrop of white painted walls, white bedlinen with white curtains and accessories. It’s important to consider the flooring with this style as well. A glossy white wooden floor can fit in perfectly with the other design elements.


A monochrome redesigned bedroom is one of the easiest styles you can create. If you use a little creativity and use the bedroom designs above then you should have plenty of ideas for creating a monochrome style bedroom in your own home.

The beauty with monochrome is in its simplicity, but it can be the brilliant building blocks for intricate design too. Embrace this theme and get set for great results.


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