Innovative Ways to Use and Manage Window Light

Windows do a lot more than just provide light and views, they can end up being the real soul of a room. A smartly placed window can completely change the look and feel of living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. They also work to change your perception of how big a space is, and go a long way towards making every room of your house feel open and inviting.

The trick with windows is that you might not want them open all the time, and the wrong treatments for your windows can completely negate all the positives that your opening onto the world might have provided. On the flipside, picking the right curtains, blinds, or tinting can not only increase the functionality of your windows, giving you the ability to close and open them whenever you want, they can also easily enhance your style and push the décor of any room to the next level, like in these spectacular rooms from House Beautiful.

The first thing you need to decide when picking the right window treatment is if you want better privacy, better light, or an option for both. Once you’ve got that figured out, here are some of the most popular types of treatments you can easily get for your home:


Tinted windows might make you think of black limousines where you can’t see anything in the car, but that’s not their only function. Window tint is a great option for windows that you want to leave without any furnishings. Perhaps, you have a great, private view and don’t see any reason to add anything else, but you also don’t want the full glare and heat of the sun. Tinting can easily filter out some of the sun’s rays to protect your furniture and minimize your air conditioning bills. It also works great for entryway windows above doors, where the glass might be too small or awkwardly shaped for a curtain or blinds.

Blackout Curtains:

For your TV room or a bedroom where you want to be able to sleep in without any light waking you up in the morning, blackout curtains are the way to go. Heavy fabric draped all across the windows and pinned at the sides allows you to let light in while you want and then completely shut it out when you decide it’s time for darkness. Curtains of course don’t have to mean complete darkness, and they can still fit in great with your décor. Choose a fabric that will let in as much light as you want, and that matches your room’s color schemes. And use this helpful guide from HGTV to make your own.


You might find yourself wondering what the best thing to do for a bathroom window is. After all, it’s a room where you would prefer to have plenty of natural light, but need a lot of privacy. Houzz recommends cellular or roller shades. These shades both have fabric that lets in some light, while providing maximum privacy when you pull down or set them stationary in the perfect position. Cellular shades also have the added benefit of reducing transfer, saving you money through increased energy efficiency.


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