10 Budget DIY Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Do

If you’re on a budget but want to make some improvements to your home, that doesn’t mean you have to spend bundles of money or be an interior design genius. All you need is a good eye and the right DIY tutorials to make your home improvement dreams come true. If you’re looking for an […]

Home Renovation 101: 6 Money Saving Tips

People who move from a condo to a house find maintaining a house to be way more expensive. This is not by chance. Any type of work around the house can quickly get out of control and cost much more than you’d anticipated. Something as big as a home renovation can easily punch a hole […]

10 Tips for Selecting the Right House Plan

Buying a house is an exhilarating time in many people’s’ lives. Where to settle down, the culture of the surrounding area, the quality of the schools and even the social scene—these factors among many others influence home buyers .A house is more than just its square footage and the breakdown of its rooms. You must […]

10 DIY Furniture Removal Tips To Make It Easier For You

Ending a lease or selling property, along with the cost and stress of actually packing up your entire life and hiring a moving company to help you transport your belongings to your new home can really take a toll on a person, mentally, physically, as well as financially. If you can’t figure a way to […]

15 jaw dropping Modular Kitchen designs which will alarm your home

Indian homes are fast adopting modular kitchens as they bring in several advantages that the traditional setups lacked. The modular kitchens of today are just not designed to fit individual preferences and needs but also add to the décor and functionality of a kitchen space. In fact, 90% of urban homes in India kitchen designs […]

The Ideal House Size: How Many Bedrooms?

The Ideal House Size: How Many Bedrooms? If you are looking for a house to rent or planning to buy a home, there are many decisions to make. Determining how many bedrooms will be in your home is a critical step. Plan for the Future There are many factors in home buying, but it’s great […]

How to Nail A Party At Your Home With Guest Entertainment

Mixing up your guest list is always a good start when it comes to creating a good atmosphere at one of your evenings or parties; inviting the usual family, friends and colleagues is all well and good, however sometimes it’s nice to invite different people that wouldn’t usually mix together but that have similar interests. […]