How to Create a Showcase Closet

Here’s a question: What do you use your closet space for, exactly? For many individuals, the answer to that is pretty simple—and a bit boring. The closet is where you store your stuff. It’s where you keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories well-organized. And certainly, that’s one of the basic functions that any closet should […]

6 Signs You Need to Fix Your Air Conditioner

Summer is in full swing and while the days are longer and grass is greener, the people are warmer. Between the bright sun beating down all day, and the thick humidity in the air after a summer storm, it is practically impossible to live without an air conditioner in most places. If yours isn’t working […]

What You Should Know about an Office Fit-Out

Today, with the continual implementation of mobile technology, offices have taken a whole new look, if not ambience. The idea of a fit-out is to engage employees so they perform better and more efficiently. Therefore, it literally pays to work with a fit-out company that is recognised for its overall knowledge of design and installation. […]

How to Make Your Neighbors Jealous of Your Garden

If you want to make your neighbors jealous of your garden, the following tips may be of benefit to you. Make sure you plan things properly. Look up images of gardens designed by landscape architects for instance. Your garden is like a canvas or work of art. It needs to have certain stand out points […]

What Makes Stroupe Best for You?

Not every real estate agency is created equal. Here are just some of the reasons why Stroupe is the right real estate team to help you with your next real estate transaction. Neighborhood Knowledge and Experience While there are plenty of agents who have lots of work experience and have been in this industry for […]