Tips on How to Move your Office Successfully

Office moving is a pain, always a pain. The best you can hope for is to have it handled well and competently and in as short a possible a time. Moreover office relocation and renovations always involve a bit of blood, sweat and tears. But if you are a total newbie to moving an office […]

It’s All About Monochrome!

Monochrome style bedrooms are now becoming more popular and for good reason. It’s stylish, clean and timeless. It’s also a great idea for someone who may be looking to sell their home in the near-future as it’s unlikely to put off potential buyers, having a broad appeal that transcends different tastes. There are different elements […]

Handy tips on selecting a Dyson vacuum cleaner

Dyson is a very well-known and reputed brand manufacturer offering home appliances to consumers all over the world. Of many different product categories to be featured by this brand, vacuum cleaner is what it is best known for. This company offers some of the best vacuum cleaners in the market and products are highly rated […]

Why rustic kitchens are all the rage

With their clean lines, monochrome colour schemes and polished plastics, contemporary kitchens have certainly made a splash on the interior design scene. Not everyone is convinced by these sleek, shiny cooking spaces though. In fact, many people are turning back to more traditional looks in this part of their properties, meaning rustic kitchens are once […]

Decor Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Growing up, girls dream of their wedding day. From the fairytale dress, pretty in pink bridesmaids, hair and make-up, first dance song, and of course Prince Charming waiting at the aisle, it’s all been thought out before it even happens. As the big day approaches, we come to realize that it’s the finer details that […]