It’s All About Monochrome!

Monochrome style bedrooms are now becoming more popular and for good reason. It’s stylish, clean and timeless. It’s also a great idea for someone who may be looking to sell their home in the near-future as it’s unlikely to put off potential buyers, having a broad appeal that transcends different tastes. There are different elements […]

Why rustic kitchens are all the rage

With their clean lines, monochrome colour schemes and polished plastics, contemporary kitchens have certainly made a splash on the interior design scene. Not everyone is convinced by these sleek, shiny cooking spaces though. In fact, many people are turning back to more traditional looks in this part of their properties, meaning rustic kitchens are once […]

The Best Apps For Gardeners

Mobile technology is rapidly expanding into industries and all areas of life at an exciting rate. Apps don’t only connect you with the information you want online. They also have the power to connect you to things offline as well. Since 83 percent of Millennials report sleeping with their smartphones, it makes sense that industries […]