HVAC Maintenance is a Year-Round Job

Everyone wants to be comfortable, whether the season is the dark and mysterious Winter Solstice or the bright, baking heat of summer. Home HVAC systems are integral components of a comfortable lifestyle throughout the year. Homeowners should take care of their units regularly, and a good schedule for doing so is at the start of each season. By calling in skilled service professionals to inspect and maintain HVAC units, homeowners save money in the long run as well as extend the life of their systems.


As the coldest temperatures recede and warm days become more common, homeowners can shut off the heat and throw open windows. This is a good time for HVAC inspection and maintenance. Knowledgeable professionals can perform comprehensive checks and perform any necessary repairs. They can look for and correct potential problems. A technician may:

  • Check the level of refrigerant

  • Test for refrigerant leaks using a leak detector

  • Safely capture any refrigerant that must be emptied from the system without illegally releasing it into the atmosphere

  • Check for and seal duct leaks

  • Oil motors and check the condition of belts, looking for loose or worn areas

Homeowners who service their HVAC units in spring are one step ahead before the heat of summer sets in.


The livin’ may be easy, but HVAC systems should definitely be checked before the hottest months of the year arrive. Air conditioning system failure in the summer can make for highly uncomfortable living until the unit is repaired, and with many people delaying until the last minute to have their units checked, the wait for a technician could be lengthy. Maintaining an air conditioner need not be difficult with some advanced planning.

If a spring check was not conducted, a technician should check everything suggested above as well as take other important steps, such as:

  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil

  • Verify that the electrical control sequence is working properly so that the cooling and heating systems cannot operate simultaneously

  • Check the accuracy of the thermostat

  • Clean condensate drains

In the summer, systems need comprehensive inspections and preventive maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. To ensure worry-free operation, homeowners should have knowledgeable professionals check all components of their units and offer seasonal home improvement help if repairs are needed.


In this complex, bountiful, and joyful season when the harvest is brought in, homeowners should check that their HVAC systems are working properly and perform minor maintenance work such as removing debris, cleaning the fins, and cleaning the immediate area around the unit. Other simple maintenance checks include:

  • Changing the blower filter

  • Checking to see that the unit is level

  • Using rot-resistant shims to bring systems to level

During the halcyon days of autumn, homeowners should take time for maintenance to ensure their HVAC units are smooth operators. Those homeowners who are not comfortable performing maintenance duties themselves should check with reputable professionals.


If an outside unit is strictly for air conditioning and will not be operating in the winter, it should be covered. However, if it is part of a heat pump system, it needs to be checked to make sure it is in good working order for the season ahead. Trained HVAC technicians will inspect systems, check for leaks, test for loose belts, and ensure that all components are working properly.

Comfort, Whatever the Season

A reliable HVAC system keeps life comfortable year-round. In turn, homeowners need to have their units serviced regularly throughout the year. They should also perform simple checks and maintenance tasks themselves between professional inspections. When homeowners take care of their HVAC systems, they will be rewarded with uninterrupted comfort, lower energy bills, and longer unit life spans.


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