How To Make Your Home Look Like Vacation Everyday

Not everyone can afford a vacation each year, but there are ways to bring the feel of vacation to your own home. By doing this, you can also enjoy a sense of vacation all year round. It’s all about your interior design concept. You need your home to look fresh and fluid.

While you probably aren’t going to hire a made to clean up after you, you can still adopt a more minimalistic decorating style that feels more like a fancy hotel room and leaves you with less to clean.

Adopting a Minimalistic Look

Unless you have a collection of something or you are very attached to nicknacks, think about having less clutter around your home. Think of that feeling of peace you get when you go on vacation and stay in a rented room that isn’t crammed full of stuff. Get rid of the items that don’t serve a purpose and that you feel comfortable letting go of.

Aloha Apartments in Norfolk Island have some great photos to help inspire your home decor.. The colors are bright and free, the walls aren’t even cluttered with art. Yes, art looks magnificent on walls, but keep it minimal. One painting over the head of the bed in the bedroom and one accent picture on the living room wall will suffice. Pic solid colored furniture and light colored walls, like the photos.

In order to bring that feel of vacation, decorate your home with plants. If you aren’t a green thumb, pick some high quality faux plants. If you do have a knack for live plants then go that way. Add color with a nice bouquet of flowers too.

Layout your rooms using Feng Shui, so that you have a good energy flow through your home. This can also make a smaller home appear larger.

A More Frugal Home

Because you have less stuff cluttering up your home you are more likely to have more space to just live. Your home items, like furniture and the minimal decor, don’t have to be expensive pieces. Buy stuff that is cheaper, but looks beautiful in your home.

Try checking out used stores and consignment stores for lightly used items that give your home the look you want it to have. You can save a ton of money this way and still have an awesome home that makes you feel like every day is vacation.

Another frugal thing to do is to make sure your only home gadgets are ones you actually use. Don’t buy things you aren’t going to use on a regular basis. Not every needs a clothes steamer and not everyone needs a dehydrator or air popper for popcorn. Shop wisely and keep your home need and organized.

The feel of vacation will continue when you find you have less vacuuming, less dirty dishes and less things to dust and organizing, and more time to relax and enjoy your gorgeous home.

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