How to Clean Modular Kitchen Racks and Doors

More and more number of people are looking to install modular kitchens in their homes presently. Though this setup is quite expensive, yet is very useful. Firstly, it helps in making the kitchen compact and highly suitable for small apartments where space is a major problem. And secondly, working in these kitchens is much easier as things are organized and systematically done. However, just installing these kitchens is not enough. It is important to carry out proper maintenance of the same so that its beauty and appeal is maintained.

It is true that the kitchen is the most used area of a house and so it becomes mandatory to take good care of the place. Keeping the place clean is the first thing that should be kept in mind. The doors, the shelves, the cabinets, the racks – everything needs cleaning on regular intervals. Here are some handy and effective tips that will help in cleaning the modular kitchen cabinets, doors, racks and other parts:

  • It is important that the cabinets, doors and racks in the modular kitchen are wiped on regular basis to avoid accumulation of dirt on them. This should be done once in a week atleast. In case you fail to do it frequently, make sure that they are cleaned twice in a month.

  • Using a mild cleaner is good for wiping the shelves, the cabinets and the doors in the modular kitchen. Colin is a great choice in this regard. Use a soft cloth to wipe off anything that sticks to these surfaces.

  • In case the stain is an old one and is difficult to remove, use a mild detergent or a thinner and soak the surface for some time with the same. Then use a cloth to remove the stain. Once the stain is gone, use a soft cloth and make the area completely dry.

  • Kitchens get infested with various kinds of pests and insects. It is not possible to spray insecticides or other chemicals in the kitchen. To get rid of these evils, sprinkle Neem (margosa) water on the surfaces and keep the doors ajar of the cabinets or drawers or racks so that the water dries up. Then you can store things inside without the threat of insects and pests.

  • It is quite obvious that while washing utensils in the sink of the modular kitchen, some food items remain in the corners of the sink or at the mouth of the drain. This is open invitation to insects. It is recommended to use a brush and clean the sink and the taps thoroughly so that nothing settles in them.

Follow these simple kitchen maintenance and cleanup tips and make your stylish modular kitchen a sparkling one too.

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