home office essentials

Home Office Essentials From Obvious to Oblivious

A home office can help you get work done whenever you need to whether you work out of your home every day or you just need a place to catch up in the evening or on weekends. A well-equipped office, efficiently structured and organized, makes work easier to accomplish.

While some items you need in your home office are immediately apparent – items like a desk, chair and up-to-date computer – other even somewhat obvious ones may not come to mind at first. Use this guide to help you get your home office essentials, from the obvious devices and systems to the items that will help you focus and block everything else out while you’re working.

Quality Internet
In this day and age, quality internet is pretty easy to find, but some types are better than others. If you’re running a business or you handle a lot of file transfers, you need to make sure you have reliable business internet service. Don’t settle for less when it comes to internet service, especially when so much of today’s business is done on computers. Slow or unreliable internet will deter you from running an efficient business.

Upgraded Phone Systems
If you’re running your own business from home or you’re working from home on weekends or at night, you probably don’t need the fanciest phone system out there. However, that cordless phone you use when you’re talking on the couch isn’t a very good fit for doing efficient business, either.

When you’re setting up your home office, consider investing in a high-quality multi-line phone. You’ll also want to set up a business account with your local provider to make sure you have excellent call quality at home and a set number for your business. It’s also a good idea to have a separate line at home for your business so that you don’t have to worry about interruptions from kids or the family trying to make calls.

Multi-Function Printer
You probably don’t need high-quality faxing or scanning, but a multi-function printer that can do everything is ideal. That way you won’t have to run out to your neighborhood copy shop and waste half your day when you need to do something out of the ordinary.

A Solid-Core Door
If you live all alone and work in your home office, you may not need a solid-core door. However, if you have a spouse, children, pets, or all three, you already know that your home can be pretty noisy. Most doors in houses are hollow-core doors – meaning they only have air on the inside.

They work fine as doors and can look great, but they don’t do much to block out sound. A solid-core door is exactly what it sounds like – one that is solid wood or composite material throughout. They’re heavier and more expensive, but they block a lot more sound, allowing you to work in your home office in peace, even when the rest of the house is bustling with activity.

An Ergonomic, Comfortable Chair
Chances are you sit down all day when doing work in your home office. That’s why it’s so important to choose an ergonomic chair that is actually comfortable and helps support your back properly. This is doubly important if you do computer work, which can put extra strain on your shoulders, neck and back.

Before you buy a chair for your home office, try it out. One that is adjustable and has arm rests that can be moved out of the way one both sides is also essential.

Once your home office is set up the way you like, you can get down to business knowing that none of the distractions of a busy home will take away from the productivity and efficiency of your business or work-life.