Hints and Tips to Choose the Right Country Curtains for Your Home

If you are ready to move home, or ready to redecorate, you may want to consider having a country theme. This is a wonderful theme that makes a home look warm and cosy and speaks of times gone past. To create a country feel, you could go for a complete makeover, but you can also be less extreme and just change a few of your accessories. A new wallpaper border, some new paintings or some gorgeous country curtains will change the entire look and feel of your room. Add a few images of chickens (not geese, they are part of a different theme), some brass pots and pans and a few dried bunches of lavender and you are goo to go. If your room looks a bit tired, then creating this theme will totally revive it. Let’s take a look at the impact country curtains can have on your overall kitchen décor.

Some Hints and Tips for Country Curtains

There are various stores where you can purchase a range of types and styles of country curtains. Many of these are specifically designed for kitchens, although there are various other options out there as well. If you want to make your home look more like a cute little cottage, then this would be a great idea. Additionally, you will find that many of these stores also sell a range of accessories to create overall country feelings.

There are different types of curtains you can choose as well. Swag is one very popular option, particularly when your windows are larger. These also look great on French or patio doors, for instance. Adding a few valances to this will really finish of the look. Do not confused a swag with a tieback, however, as swags do not need a regular curtain rod as they drape over the window’s top using specific types of holders.

If you add a valance, you do need to attach a curtain rod as well. Additionally, you will need to use tiers on your window, since you will only use a valance on the top. They do look absolutely beautiful and will dramatically change the room in which you hang them, particularly if you also have some accessories to match it up with.

There are many different styles and colours available for you to choose from. 100% cotton is always a great idea because it offers a natural look and feel to the room. However, you can also go for a more primitive look with woven tans and checks with a vine trim. In terms of colours, natural shades such as crème and beige work really well, particularly when highlighted with reds, greens and browns for instance.

Getting your décor right by country curtains is a great way to complete a look. Hopefully, the above hints and tips will have made it possible for you to choose the right ones. Enjoy your country feel home!


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