Halloween Wreaths You’ll be Dying to DIY

It’s that time of year again, the time when spooks and scariness reign supreme, Halloween! You know we’re always looking out for you and so this year, we have 3 Halloween Wreaths we’ve picked out that you’ll be dying to DIY, and don’t worry, not only are they not difficult to make, but they all also come with linked tutorials, so you can get your DIY skills exercised.

Pumpkin Spice Wreath

First up is this beautiful orange and black wreath, a great fall color inspired thing which is composed primarily of a simple foam wreath, wrapped in glued on adhesive decorative borders, which can be found online or at lots of corner craft stores, and complemented with a nice stencil in the center.

Trick or Treat Wreath

Now this wreath will definitely be bringing back memories of your grade school Arts and Crafts classes, requiring cut burlap, craft sticks and craft paint. Maybe you want to make this one a nice group activity with you and the kids (if you have any) just to keep everyone involved. The end product is a nice cute Candy Corn infused wreath which will make your front door nice and welcoming to all the trick or treaters.

DIY Halloween Door Wreaths

Yarn Wreath

This last wreath is nice, understated, yet cute wreath that is possibly the easiest of them all to make. Utilizing only a foam wreath, light yarn, a little felt and some pins, this one can be done in the shortest time, though you may want to skip including the smaller kids in making this one since it does involve using sewing needles. Check the link below to view the tutorial.

Link: http://millionmoments.net/2013/09/make-halloween-wreath.html

The basic idea from each of these is to take a nice sturdy wreath, which you can usually get from any local pharmacy, craft store or dollar store, and wrap the wreath with a base layer, usually your base color which will serve as the foundation for the piece. Then wrap that with accessory colors and add many accessories, like the raven or snakes or spiders or spooky family pictures. Just like a good outfit, the secret to a good wreath are the accessories. Don’t overdo it though, or again like an outfit, you’ll be looking gaudy instead of spooky. Try your hand at these and take lots of pics! Good luck and don’t let the monsters getcha!


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