Guide to Restumping

 Is your house with stump floors aging or has it settled due to moisture? Then you may have to go ahead and restump it, or reblock the floor. This is a challenging task, so your best bet would be to hire one restumping contractors in Melbourne, Australia. These contractors can quickly reblock the house and a fair price. You can find these workers using your local yellow pages or Craiglist to find their advertisements.

  • You may need to restump the house due to the stumps under the subfloor rotting due to moisture and age.

    • The floor may also have become uneven due to cracked or damaged stumps.

    • The blocks will need to be replaced so your house won’t collapse.

  • Once you know you have to replace your stumps, the next thing is to locate a contractor.

    • Check your yellow pages or go to a posting site such as Craigslist to locate a business selling their services.

    • Be sure not to just pick the first one. Take as much time as needed in order to conduct research. There are a variety of services and prices out there, so it is essential that you pick the one that is best for you.

  • A note on replacing the stumps: You have several options, from different types of wood to even concrete.

    • Several types of wood will be of a better quality, but they are more expensive.

    • Concrete will last a very long time, but there is a trade-off because it is more expensive than most of the wood options.

    • If you are not planning on staying in the house forever, then a wood option should be fine for you.

  • The contractor will then start working on replacing the stumps.

    • Make sure that they are prepared to jack up the house.

    • This will help keep the floors level and support the other posts as they are being replaced.

    • When negotiating, be clear on the expectations on the time and cost of the project. This will avoid potential problems as the project moves along.

  • The work will take a few days or up to a week depending on the damage to the stumps and the size of the subfloor.

    • The cost will also depend on these factors, but most of the cost will go into the contractor’s labor and the stumps themselves.

    • Your contract will define the terms of these conditions when you are ready to start the project.

  • Once again, you may need to restump your house if the subfloor is uneven or the supports are damaged. Look up a local restump contractor through the yellow pages or a site like Angie’s List which offers reviews.

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