Go Green

Go Green, Keep Clean: Today’s Home Kitchen Trends

When it comes to maintaining a household as a wife and mother, you can find yourself juggling a lot of things throughout the day. With rising environmental concerns, many women and mothers have started to become at-home activists, redesigning and reactivating their kitchens to become green machines, and maximizing the efficiency of their waste disposal systems. 

Go GreenThere are a number of simple changes that women across America have been making in their homes and thereby creating a movement in favor of a more environmentally conscious home life. Consider the following four trends.

Trend #1: Proper use of garbage disposals

Garbage disposals are hardly a new innovation to American kitchens. However, they are seeing more and more use. And in addition to being used more frequently, they’re also being used more effectively.

While many people used to shove whatever they could indiscriminately down a disposal, the awareness of what you should and shouldn’t use a garbage disposal for is growing. This awareness is based partly on plumbing issues, and partly on the knowledge that whatever goes down the garbage disposal ultimately enters the sewage system, streams, and environment.

This has caused environmentally savvy women to reduce their use of garbage disposals for such waste items as paper, cardboard, cigarette butts, etc.

Trend #2: Recycling as the norm

It’s been estimated that 75% of the solid waste used in a home today can be recycled. The increasing incidence of recycling initiatives across communities has led to a trickle-down effect into households.

Women have increasingly been encouraging their families to recycle in the home with the provision of a recycling bin next to the garbage bin, and teaching their children at an early age how to separate the recyclable products from the non-recyclable ones.

Trend #3: Composting

Just as recycling has increased, as well as the use of garbage disposals as a means of getting rid of solid waste, composting has also risen in frequency within the home.

This healthy habit has helped many women to keep their kitchens clean of smelly odors and toxins that would otherwise end up in the garbage. It’s also helped many households reduce the waste they send into the landfills.

Trend #4: Investment in proper medical disposal systems

This is a trend that we’re only just beginning to see among households that require such a receptacle. With the increased focus on maintaining proper health, more and more people employ procedures such as at-home injections such as epipens and insulin.

Having an at-home medical disposal system is becoming something women and mothers are increasingly finding necessary. Even today, many households don’t dispose of their at-home medical equipment (including expired medications) properly, and this can pose a serious health hazard to children in the household.

Having an ADA-certified medical waste bin at home is a trend that has been growing, and should continue to do so.

With these trends continuing to rise, households across the country are becoming cleaner, healthier, and safer places for the whole family.