Get Your Sports Fan Ready for the Season with His Own “Man Cave”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sorry, no, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about the World Series, the approach of football season (both college and pro) and this year, the Summer Olympic Games. AKA it’s time to get “that man” out of the way for a couple of hours.

The “Man” Cave

Guys like to view their “fortress of solitude” that pays homage to their favorite team(s) as holy ground. A place to cheer for, gripe about and raise a frosty mug of beer to their heroes. And it is that as well {wink, wink}. So, how to set up the perfect spot for some “me time?” His too, of course.

The Centerpiece

The focus of the room is going to be the entertainment system. Whether it’s just your average TV with a couple of speakers or if it’s a monstrous flat screen and a sound system approaching a movie theater’s THX® surround sound system, this is the entire reason for the cave.

A vital complement to this is, of course, feeding something in to bring the picture and sound into the room. I believe you will find there is no such thing as “too much sports.” For example, you’ll find that Directv has amazing exclusives like NFL Sunday Ticket® along with the general smorgasbord of regular and PPV sports channels.

The Décor

From the basics to the over-the-top fanatical, there are several ways to go when you are fixing up the cave.

Paint the walls. Every sports team has an identifiable color scheme that fans instantaneously recognize. From the scarlet and gray of the Ohio State University Buckeyes to the gold and blue of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to the red and gold of Manchester United, you can find the right scheme for the desired team and get paint mixed to match. If you rent the home the man cave is to be established in, your landlord might need to be consulted regardless of what you are changing.

Wall décor. Here you will find a near mind-boggling array of potential items. Consider…

  • Pennants

  • Flags

  • Clocks—for the wall or the bookcase. Even some that look like a scoreboard

  • Novelty items like the “Parking for [insert team name] fans only” signs

There really are many different options. You can even scope out some garage sales or flea markets to find some vintage items. Trust me, your sports fanatic loves to remember the glory days of yesteryear of favorite teams. I know just about everyone has heard a sentence or two that starts with “I remember back in 19__…”

Furniture. An obvious must but also a tertiary concern in this case. Sure the sports nut and the gang need a place to kick back and tables for the drinks and snacks but in all likelihood, those concerned will be oblivious to those items. Unless you can snag a row of seats when the team renovates or razes the old facility, that would be a whole different ballgame.

Finishing Touches

When the necessities are done you might want to consider some extras. Maybe a fridge for the pop and leftover pizza, or a microwave for the nachos (and leftover pizza) or perhaps a home draft beer dispenser. The possibilities really are endless.