Expomarketing is a designing company based in Orange County in California. This is an industry leader in developing innovative trade show booths and displays of versatile design. The company has marshaled efforts to solve the display problems facing companies during trade shows. ExpoMarketing has been offering various options to go with that come tied with the possibility of renting rather than buying and logistics costs transferred to the owner.

If you are intending to market your company or your products at a trade show or upcoming event, then you need to look no further. ExpoMarketing has you covered with a range of booth designs to choose from. They offer unique experiences to their clients as they provide that magnetic pool to your display booth.

What is making ExpoMarketing increasingly become the industry’s master?

First forward, ExpoMarketing was founded in 1991 by a group of women entrepreneurs. Since then the company has rapidly evolved with advancements in technology, zeal to serve their clients better and the push to bring efficiency. This has made the company lead the industry in innovation and consistency. It has actually mastered the market and it’s at its best position to know what is relevant in the market and that which is not. Here are some of the things that have put ExpoMarketing on the winning edge:

Versatile designs

The designing department has come up with some terrific designs that are a perfect mix of functionality and mind-blowing aesthetics. Their creativity and innovation level is at its apex, developing trade fair booths that are in demand with changing needs in the market and helps companies capture their prospects. This makes ExpoMarketing to break even as they aim to provide products that the market wants, a factor that has made it sell big.

Friendly terms of engagement

ExpoMarketing has an all-inclusive plan in its product development. They provide their clients with a room to have their tastes, preferences and imaginations factor while making the display booths. The team will then advise the client on the best available booth, customize if need be. In addition, ExpoMarketing gives their clients purchases and rentals option where you only need to hire the booth with the storage and logistics being pre-arranged by the company. What’s more, this exhibit house works closely with clients to ensure they work within the budget, making the best resource use and developing great design. They have amazing designs for small to large budgets at your disposal.

Right branding

During trade fair shows, ExpoMarketing has realized that a company needs to stand out in order to attract customers. it has perfected the art of right branding, passing clear information and having bold colors that attract while at the same time dispel professionalism. This makes the company have a superior position over its competitors as its clients are rightfully represented; creating a good reputation in the market.


With its many years of existence, ExpoMarketing has learned unique traits that have made it consistently deliver to its customers’ high-quality trade fair display booths. For instance, the company has been constant in ensuring every product is durable, functional, great in aesthetics and if customized, satisfy the client’s needs. Besides, customers are keen to partner with companies with a proven track record, and ExpoMarketing happens to offer just that!


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