Essential Power Tools

For a lot of men, tools are like toys. However, they are also incredibly useful around the house, particularly if you’re of the DIY mindset. Here are some of the most essential power tools to have around your home.


The Cordless Drill


Cordless drills are far and away one of the most versatile, time-saving and frequently used tools that you’re likely to have in your DIY arsenal. Not only are cordless drills fantastic for drilling holes in wood, masonry or other materials, but they can also be fitted with additional attachments (screwdriver fittings, hole saws, steel-brush paint removers) in order to make a whole host of other jobs easier too. The most common variety you’re likely to see on the market today is a 12 volt, compact cordless drill. These are fine if you’re only performing small tasks, or if you’re not going to be using the drill very often (though in all likelihood, you probably are). But if you’re looking at long-term usage and easy of action through sturdier materials, a more solid 18 volt model from Ridgeons is advisable. It’ll cost a little more admittedly, but it’ll last infinitely longer as well.


The Reciprocating Saw


Reciprocating saws will cut through solid raw materials like no other power tool in its price range, and accordingly, they are one of the most popular and essential tools on the DIY market. If you’re looking to do any plumbing, electrical work, remodelling, or demolishing, a reciprocating saw is your number one purchase. A cordless version might seem attractive, and they do serve their purpose. However, you’re going to get a much more powerful corded one for the same price on today’s market. So naturally, consider your priorities before taking the plunge.


The Palm Sander


If you’re going to be working on any kind of wood projects at home, a palm sander is a must. Sanding sponges do the job – eventually. But do you really want to be spending your hard-earned weekend slaving over a few metres of wood, when a palm sander could get the same job done in no time? No? Then a palm sander is a solid purchase you won’t regret.


Complete Projects With Ease


Naturally, there are a number of other key tools you may require from time to time. However with the ones listed here, you should be able to complete most DIY projects with absolute ease.


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