Modern Kitchen with Ilve Appliances

Equipping Your Modern Kitchen with Ilve Appliances

With over half of century of tradition in creating luxury appliances, Ilve is one of the most sought after brands in the world. Very popular in Australia, the brand satisfies the need for appointing any kitchen with stylish appliances.

Dedicated to people with a real passion for cooking, Ilve creates appliances that make cooking a real pleasure and delight. Ilve Appliances include wine fridges, coffee machines, cook tops, dishwashers and ovens.

Built in ovens for maximising space
One particular line of appliances you will definitely love is represented by the built in ovens Ilve creates for consumers. Aware of how important is for people today to maximise kitchen space, Ilve comes with a great range of built in ovens. They are not only made to last, but they will help you cook delicious meals for your family, without worrying that a new oven will occupy too much space in your kitchen.

Modern kitchens are more minimalist, by definition, which is why the luxurious looking built in Ilve appliances will fit like a glove in any layout and setup.

Warmer drawers for convenience
Ilve is focused on people who love making cooking a real experience. An Ilve appointed kitchen will be like no other, and the quality of the food served will be up to par to that cooked in the best restaurants. One particular kitchen appliance made by Ilve that you will love is the warmer drawer. Here, you can keep all the plates, cutlery and other dishes warm, so that the taste of food is not distorted when placed on the plates.

Wine coolers made from the best materials
For a perfect meal, a good wine is always a must have. This is exactly what the people at Ilve thought about when they created their line of wine coolers. Made of stainless steel, these wine coolers will enhance the looks of your kitchen, and will also help you serve great tasting wine with any meal you serve your guests.

Freestanding ovens
Another type of appliances that Ilve made a name with is represented by their freestanding ovens. Keep in mind that all the Ilve appliances you can find out there are handmade and attention to detail is what counts most for the people working for the company. Style, durability and value, are all combined in the range of freestanding ovens they offer.
Dishwasher, coffee machines and many accessories

There is basically nothing to wish for and look for anywhere else, once you get acquainted with the amazing looking appliances made by Ilve. Whether you are looking for built in appliances, freestanding, fully integrated, or semi-integrated, you will find a good, reliable and stylish Ilve product to fit in your modern looking kitchen.

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