Enhance Your Home With a Timber Floor

These days more and more people are turning to timber flooring due to a couple of reasons the main one being that they are available in varying designs and they radiate a sense of aesthetic charm that is perhaps not possible with any other type of flooring. Aside from these 2 factors, timber is also regarded to be durable when it comes to longevity. However, it does not necessarily mean that other types of construction mat will not live up to your expectations. Tastes and preferences differ from one person to another and most importantly, the requirement and budget. Here we will highlight the essential aspects and benefits of timber flooring.

Benefits of using timber flooring

First and foremost, if you are planning to give a facelift to your house and you have already decided to use timber, you have made a judicious decision already. Given below is a list of advantages of opting for timber floors

  • In the event you intend to sell off your home in future, you can be rest assured that since installing timber flooring increases the value if your home, you can expect to fetch a good amount of money by selling off the property.

  • You have the provision to ‘resurface’ the floors whenever you want to or when you think that your house flooring needs a revamp.

  • It is hygienic as timber does not retain stains or mites and allergens. As such, you can expect to have a hygienic surrounding, which will be devoid of pests and illness caused due to unsanitary conditions.

  • In the event you are using recycled timber, you are doing your bit of favor for the environment. This is because when you use recycled timber or renewable ones, you are being eco friendly.

  • Speaking of aesthetics, when you walk on timber floors, it isn’t as hard as compared to when you walk on harder surfaces like concrete or tiled flooring. As such, it is tender to your feet and legs too.

Types of timber to use for flooring

Generally speaking, just deciding that you will use timber for your flooring is not enough. You have to select it depending on several factors that include the following-

  • Color

  • How hard it should be

  • Grade of timber being used

  • Length and breadth of the timber to be used

  • Natural expansion as well as shrinking property of timber

  • Whether or not it is inflammable.

The ones mentioned above are the main factors. One of the most important factors of timber that has made it appealing is the natural color of timber, which imparts the elegant look of timber. Few varieties of timber that you can opt for include the following, namely, Flooded gum, which is also referred to as Rose gum, Blackbutt, Spotted gum, Ironbark, ‘Aussie Reds’, and Blue Gum. These are just few of the most commonly sought after varieties.

Grading timber- Janka Hardness

Prior to buying timber, note the Janka hardness of the variety. It is a number that denotes the hardness of that particular variety. The hardness of the timber is directly proportional to the number. The higher the Janka hardness number, harder is the variety of timber.


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