Easy Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom

At the beginning of a new year, you may be thinking that you want to make some changes round the home but perhaps don’t want to be spending lots of money on it. There are loads of ways that you can refresh the look of your bedroom without necessarily having to go out and spend money on materials and furniture.

You will probably be surprised to find how much different a room can feel, just by making some small changes. Here are some top tips for giving your bedroom a revamp without paying a fortune:

Hang up some Artwork or Photos

If you’ve got some pictures that you’ve not got around to hanging then get out the hammer and nails and get them hung. Alternatively, you can pick up some really reasonable priced prints and frames that look just as good as the more expensive ones.

You can sometimes find a real bargain in charity shops or places like Gumtree, so don’t be afraid to look for second hand frames or pictures, as people who have to downsize need to and want to give good quality artwork a good home.

Move your Furniture Around

If you have the room, try moving your bed, drawers, dresser etc. around the room to create a completely new feel. Positioning your bed in a new place will make you feel that you’ve had a real change without any real effort and no cost at all. You can also pick up some very reasonably priced furniture through furniture outlets.

Accessories Your Bed

There are a number of ways that you can give your bed a bit of life by adding some small accessories. Take a look at new bed spreads, throws and comforters such as the Madison Park Comforter range to add some luxury styling to your bedroom without spending much money.

Buy a Rug

If you have wooden flooring and fancy a bit of a change, you don’t need to go out and get the entire room carpeted, simply find a nice rug that adds warmth to your flooring. You can buy a good quality rug for fairly low cost, especially if you compare to the cost of fully carpeting a floor.

Paint the Walls

Did you know that the color in your home has a big influence on your mood? If your walls are already painted and don’t have any visible imperfections, then a reasonably quick way to brighten up the room is to change the color of the walls. If you have wallpaper on the walls, then you don’t necessarily need to strip the walls and re-wallpaper, depending on the colors and texture of the wallpaper, you may be able to simply paint over it for a really nice effect.

Accessorize Empty Space

If you have lots of empty surfaces in your bedroom, think about adding small ornaments or decorative candles in places like window sills and tables. Take a look for decorated bowls to store potpourri or pebbles. Get inspired and shop around for unique items to bring some character into the room.


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