Easy Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Without Living in a Movie Set

If you hear the term ‘modern’ today in interior design, you can rest assured it really means the same as ‘mid-century modern.’  This distinctive style is really easy to spot; there are clean, barely accessorized interiors. Natural materials like teak, leather, linen and other woods are the prominent materials of choice. However, molded plastic and plywood are also popular, as is polished metal.

Color Choices

Walls are traditionally painted white. Again, this allows for a clean and airy feeling. It makes the space feel bigger. Area rugs are usually done in neutral. Most mid-century modern floors are wood. This “neutral” base helps to simplify the style lines and help with increasing the feeling of space in the area.  Color hints are added in moderation. They can be ultra strong colors, too, but must only be used in a few spots.

Furniture Choices

The furniture has traditionally been extremely open and raised up off the floor. This lets the room maintain its airy feeling. The majority of furniture pieces from this time period have the same clean lines as seen in the rest of the movement.

Some furniture pieces have been iconic from the time they were designed. You probably would recognize the pieces, but odds are you can’t really afford to buy an original. the Iconic Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen truly looks like a sculpture. It is upholstered and swivels; the chair becomes the central piece in any room. You’d think it would be uncomfortable, but it lets those who sit in it feel comfortable and gives them a sense of privacy, as well. And, if you can find one, you may pay upwards of $15,000 for a first generation chair.

So, how can you get a mid-century modern feel for furniture without getting another full-time job?  You can purchase some modern pieces that have that same feel. You can get a brand new sofa that looks like it came from the 50’s. Today’s designers are returning to the design facets of the mid century. They hold the same aesthetic appearance and artistic design. Moreover, designers want to make life simpler for those who are using their designs.

Accessory Choices

Accessorizing the mid-century modern setting adds the fun to the room. However, too much of a good thing cancels out the whole point of decorating in a mid-century modern way. Less is definitely more in this style. Again, streamlined pieces with clean lines are the best choices.

Lighting is an extremely important in mid-century modern decorating. It’s also an inexpensive way to make a big statement. Unique pendant lights and side tables are perfect. Keep them sleek and sculptural. Most importantly, never get the matched set of lamps. Mid-century modern isn’t that kind of decorating.


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