Don’t Forget the Summer Drinks at Your Next BBQ

Summer drinks have a lot of expectations to live up to, especially when they accompany a BBQ. Choosing the best cuts of meat, smoke, and side items for the ‘cue is important, but great drinks make the food ten times better. A summer drink is clear, refreshing, and quenches the thirst. Nothing wrong with a cold beer or two, but ensure there’s also a selection of summer drinks readily available.

Best Food for Your BBQ

Burgers, hot dogs, steaks, ribs—you know, the all-American fare? It’s the typical foods found at a BBQ, plus side items ranging from potato chips to potato salad and baked beans. Any meat that can be tossed onto the grill is suitable for an unforgettable BBQ. Choose side items that are easy to serve and easy to eat. It’s just better that way. If you’re not already a master on the grill, freshen up your skills before you toss any meat on the grill. When you have BBQ 101 down pact, the mouthwatering, fall of the bone BBQ is better.

Don’t forget all the napkins, paper plates, paper cups, tablecloths, etc. needed for a BBQ. Without these items, the entire ambiance of the event may go astray! It’s possible to find decorative paperware if you prefer to add a little flair to your event.

Why Have a BBQ?

A BBQ is a great way to get together with friends and family for fun and for celebration outdoors so there is no risk of damage inside the home. People host BBQs throughout the summer for various reasons. Independence Day is a common reason to host a BBQ. However, you can also host a get together to welcome in summer, to bid it farewell, to celebrate a graduation or birthday, or just because. Spending time outside in the fresh air is fun and it gives everyone the chance to talk and catch up, something that can be hard to do when living a busy life.

Summer Drinks for the ‘Cue

What will you wash down all that great food with? Prepare a couple of summer drinks for the BBQ and everyone in your group will quench their thirst with an amazingly refreshing and flavorful drink. Nothing is better than sitting around on the patio chatting away with friends except when there is a refreshing drink by your side! Many options for adult and kid-friendly beverages are out there. Look at Monin Canada for help creating great summer drinks.

A couple of recipes to get you started:

Beach Bum Rum Punch

This one is for the grown and sexy at the BBQ! Whip up this fruity rum drink and enjoy a slight buzz while you mix and mingle with your favorite people.


– 1 bottle white rum

– 12 0z. bottle water

– 1- 32-oz. bottle pineapple juice

– 1 can frozen lemonade

– 1- 32-oz. bottle orange juice

– 1-32-oz. bottle cranberry juice

In a clean gallon-size container, combine all ingredients. Shake well. Refrigerator for one to two hours. Serve chilled in a beach cup with a fun straw!

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

This one is for the kids. This favorite summer popsicle becomes a delicious drink when the recipe is followed.


– 1- can mandarin oranges

– 1 tbsp. honey

– ½ C. vanilla yogurt

– 1 C. vanilla soy milk

– ½ C pineapple chunks

Open the oranges and drain out the juice. Place them in a Ziploc bag and freeze. When frozen, place the pineapple and orange in a blender and add the remaining ingredients. Puree until a milkshake texture develops. Serve cold.

For many people, summer just isn’t the same without a BBQ or two. If you’re amongst those people, it’s time to prepare! A BBQ is all about the food prepared on the grill, but a great drink only makes things better. Put the above recipes to good use at your next get together and watch how big of a hit it becomes with the people in the crowd. Food and summer drinks are what life is all about!


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