Decor Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Growing up, girls dream of their wedding day. From the fairytale dress, pretty in pink bridesmaids, hair and make-up, first dance song, and of course Prince Charming waiting at the aisle, it’s all been thought out before it even happens. As the big day approaches, we come to realize that it’s the finer details that can’t be forgotten and that make your wedding stand out from all the others. Choosing the perfect décor on your big day is one of those details that have to be carefully thought out. If your dream day is approaching, below are 5 great décor ideas for an outdoor wedding.

  1. Seasonal Centrepieces

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding then it is likely that it will be taking place during the spring or summer months. During these seasons nature is full of energy and vibrant colours, making them not only perfect for bouquets but standout centrepieces too. An advantage to using plants and flowers associated with the spring and summer seasons is that the natural surroundings complement the pieces, really bringing out the vibrant energy to compliment the day, and drawing attention to the beauty the outdoor surroundings. For a spring wedding, flowers such as Pansies, Irises, and Tulips would be ideal. For a summer wedding, flowers such as Dahlia’s, Guara’s or Penstemon’s are a good choice. Matching your wedding’s theme and colours with the seasonal colours and trends will help to tie everything together. For a more casual, laid-back atmosphere, instead of having expert centre pieces another trendy idea is to put flowers into mason jars and arrange them on the tables. This also gives a more personal feel to the day.


  1. Lighting

Being one of the happiest days of your life, you’ll also want your guests to have a memorable experience too, therefore it’s important to ensure that the atmosphere is perfect throughout. A great way to do this is through lighting. It’s a great way to create ambience at your wedding, and with such wide ranges of lighting techniques available there are so many different moods that can be created, from a romantic to party atmosphere. Lampcommerce is a perfect example of just how many diverse types of lights are available to choose from on your special day. Even within Lampcommerce, there are a vast number of quality brands that offer different lighting styles and lamps that can be utilized for different purposes during your wedding; whether it’s an Artemide Acheo lamp or an Axo Light Vasily lamp.


  1. Creative homemade decorations

By making your own decorations, you are able add a unique and personal style to your wedding without breaking the bank too much. Adding personal touches is also an exciting way to be creative and take complete control because only you really know what details are going to make the day special for you.

  1. Table – Scaping

When it comes to table decorations, the options are endless and anything is permissible. There are so many ways you could choose to dress the tables based on what wedding theme and colour scheme you are following. If you want to go for a more natural, sophisticated look, having wooden tables and with minimal desecration, leaving the tables clear and decluttered would be one way to achieve this. If you want extravagant decor on the tables, you can put a runner covering the entire table top, accompanied with assortment of fruits, flowers and candles, adding to the accessories and decor.


  1. Decorating based on a theme

As mentioned previously, decorating following a theme helps to know how to style and choose appropriately. For example, using the seasons as a theme immediately gives you a guideline for how would best for decorating. For a winter theme, an obvious decorating scheme would be Winter Wonderland with lots of white and blue, snowy decor. With the cold weather, you would have to be prepared and provide heated tends for your guests as well as a well-lit area for when the day get dark early. Another wedding theme during the winter months would be a festive, Christmas theme. With this, decorations would consist mainly of red, green and gold, including lots of glitter and tinsel. For a summer theme, bright colours would be used for decorations. Having a summer theme would also open the doors for a beach or destination wedding which is becoming increasing popular.


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