Creating a middle class dream in your garden

In the suburban hinterland of most cities, owning white picket fences, hosepipes and hatchbacks, there sit people with more spending power and prominence than any other social group – the middle classes.

But if you’re a part of this burgeoning class, you have to show off your style if you want to keep up with the Joneses – and what better way than with a garden kitted out better thana royal tea party?

Try a few of these tips and you’ll have a garden upgradeto match your middle class-pirations.

Lounge in luxury

If there’s one thing that’ll help your property’s value skyrocket, it’s a professionally built conservatory. Conservatories have long been the preserve of the middle classes, allowing an extension of luxury that’s the perfect place to lounge in the summer.

Naturally, it’s important to be discerning with the style of your extension – shoving something gleaming and new on a ragged, ancient build won’t exactly be aesthetically pleasing.

Also, be sure to check for planning permission form your local authority. After all, you don’t want to plough ahead with a new extensionand find your building in regulatory hell.

Fawn at your flora

Would you be stumped if someone asked you the difference between hydrangeas and aster? Do you think baby’s breath can only be found in the lungs of a tiny child? Does a gladiolus sound like a tropical disease to you? Then you, my friend, are what’s known as “horticlueless”.

Remedy that by installing and caring for your very own flower patch in your garden.Get green fingers (or hire a horticulture expert, if you can’t really be bothered) and plant a varied array of flora.

In turn, you’ll give it a vibrancy and colour that will make your time outside a wonderland of sights and smells.

Peruse your pond

For that affluent edge, install a fancy looking pond in your garden to act as a striking focal point. Admittedly, this will only work with a larger patch of land – shove a pond in a small garden and it’ll look no better than an ornamental puddle.

Mix your pond with some flowing reeds, cute carp and a neat stone finish, and you’ll look as classy as an episode of Downton Abbey with a guest appearance from Stephen Fry.

Be prepared for afternoon tea

Have you ever watched one of those Victorian regency dramas, in which highfalutin members of the aristocracy sip tea and munch scones on acres of pristine, rolling countryside? Well, while you won’t be able to capture that exact feeling, you can create a neat patio area to enjoy afternoon tea in style.

A standard patio can set you back a few thousand, so it’s not exactly a steal. But it will act as the ideal finishing touch to your middle class dream.