Cost Cutting and Time Shredding With Window Treatments

While we don’t have any concrete facts to hand, we feel we’d be quite confident in suggesting that the typical household has become much busier over the years. The purpose of this article isn’t to speculate why – but take a look at some of the ways which we can use our time more effectively around the home. As you’ve probably already gathered, we’re primarily going to concentrate on window treatments.

For many years, most homes around the county were decorated in drapes. In fact, and again we don’t have those elusive solid statistics to accompany this, we’d suggest that the vast majority of properties had curtains. They were the traditional way to decorate a window and they happened to be quite stylish for a lot of years as well.


Then came blinds.

In truth, blinds have been around for years as well, but it’s only recently that the industry has pulled itself together and started to create products which don’t just compete with curtains, but beat them hands-down.

The title of this post is how to cut costs and time and we’ll now go into exactly the reasons why we chose such wording. For as stylish as curtains once were (and still are, for many), one of the main drawbacks was their ability to attract mess. Whether it was the dog shaking his day’s walk onto all of the fabric, or the kids knocking over a glass of juice everywhere – curtains always seemed to be in the firing line.

The problem at this point was that it wasn’t just a case of wiping the spill away – this was a mark that was going to stay there until it was washed thoroughly. The only way to do this, as we all know, is via a professional or sometimes through the washing machine. Unfortunately, this entails hauling the drapes down, shoving them through your washing method of choice, treating them with an iron before re-hanging them.

Suffice to say, it all takes time which the modern household doesn’t have. Furthermore, in relation to the financial aspect of the post that we promised we’d come onto, it can cost around $70 every time you want to get a professional to perform the above process for you. In other words, after several spills, it’s just gotten very expensive.

As you’ve probably understood from the general gist of this post, blinds don’t carry such an extensive cleaning process. Admittedly, if you’ve opted for a fabric-based roller blind or something similar you may encounter problems. However, in general the choices that are available are very easy to clean as there are so many materials which can be wiped. Whether it’s wood, aluminum or any other solid material – a cloth will suffice.

It means that the days of nervously following the kids every time they pick up a glass are long gone. Instead, you can take advantage of some of the recent advancements in the blinds industry, and avoid $70 curtain cleaning bills as well.


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