Common Misconceptions About People Working In Fashion

It does not matter if you have been working in fashion all your life or you just started work on your very first job. There is a certainty you will have to deal with countless misconceptions. People do not really know much about the fashion industry and they cannot really be blamed since it is quite secretive.

While many misconceptions can be mentioned, some are more common than others. This is exactly what we will focus on right now.

Working In Fashion Means You Can Make Clothes

If you talk to someone and you say you work in the fashion industry, most people think you are a designer. They simply assume that you can make clothes and will make some clothes that they will like. This is definitely not the case for most jobs.

The fashion industry is huge and includes so many available career options. This ranges from PR to editorial and from buying to marketing. Even a business like is a part of the fashion industry.

Fashion Week Is Just A Party

If you only look at social media pictures, you are tempted to think that Fashion Week is simply a celebration, a big party with celebrities that try to outdo themselves every single time.

In reality, a lot of work is put into any Fashion Week event. While some celebrating exists, for most people involved this only happens after the event is over.

Every Fashion Boss Is Horrible

This misconception appeared mainly because of the way in which people high up the corporate fashion ladder are portrayed. Not everyone is bad or dishonest. In fact, most people are really nice and care about other people. Never think that a fashion boss will have a really nasty attitude. Even those people that you think hate each other might actually like each other in real life.

People In Fashion Do Not Eat

In the fashion industry, you often see people that are slim and that are on a diet but this does not mean that they do not eat or that they starve themselves. Indulgence is not frowned and although there are some clear scandals that come up from time to time in regards to people starving themselves, they are not common. Most women just want to be healthy and take proper care of themselves, which is not the same as starvation.

All People Wear Expensive Fashion Designer Clothes

The truth is that people working in the fashion industry can easily appreciate a really good find that they come across stores like Zara or H&M. It is always great to wear designer clothes but this does not mean people in the fashion industry only want to wear that.

Most Of The Day Is Spent Shopping

For most fashion employees, shopping is a really, really small part of what the job requires them to do. The only situation in which this is not the case is when the job is that of a personal shopper. If this is not the job title, people do not spend a lot of time in stores.


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