Choosing the Best Vanity for Your Bathroom

Bathroom design seems easy…until you have to do it yourself. Then you realize that there are a million different choices to narrow down, to pick the best elements for your own throne room. We’ve all seen bathrooms designed by people who made the wrong choices. Have you ever walked through an open house, only to discover a pale blue disaster lying behind the master bedroom? Don’t let your bathroom be just another tragedy. The perfect bathroom can sell your house to the right buyer. The wrong bathroom can be a major deterrent and keep your house on the market for months and years. Even if you don’t plan to sell in the near future, it’s important that you and your family have a bathroom you can enjoy for the years you inhabit your house. For this reason, it’s important to pick out the individual bathroom elements carefully. There aren’t a lot of them after all: a shower/tub, a sink, a toilet, maybe some cabinets and decorations, and a vanity. We’re going to talk about picking the perfect vanity here.

  1. Bathroom vanities come in a lot of shapes and styles. They can be adapted from pre-existing pieces of furniture, or bought ready made. When choosing the right vanity for yourself, it’s important to think first of space. A lot of people just measure the floor space a vanity will take up, only to find that the new piece dominates the room when installed. To anticipate this, don’t just consider the square footage required of your bathroom floor, but the cubic footage required in the whole bathroom. If possible, get another piece of furniture in the same size and shape of your future vanity. Walk around the bathroom as you would in the presence of a real vanity, and take note of any inconveniences or troubles it causes.

  1. You’ll also want to make sure that your bathroom vanity fits the style and color palette of your bathroom. While many designers make a big deal out of the style of your bathroom vanity, I say just go with what you like. After all, you probably don’t have a lot of era-specific bathroom furniture in place already. If you do, for some reason, you already know exactly what style you’re looking for. For everyone else, just get something you like. The main consideration, in my opinion, is matching color. Since this piece is large, and will be a focal point of your bathroom, you want to make sure it matches color well. Of course, any wooden piece (as is typical of vanities) is able to be sanded and repainted. But because of fancy detailing, this can often be very tedious, difficult, and expensive. If you don’t want to pay or DIY, it’s best to take careful note of how the color of your chosen piece will fit into the broader palette of your bathroom.

With these two simple considerations, you’ll be able to eliminate most vanities from your short list of choices. What remains will be a perfect fit for your bathroom, providing years of style and utility for you and any future homebuyers you may court.


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