Gardening Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

When you’re a budding gardener who loves nothing more than to be in the fresh outdoors, surrounded by your beautiful peonies and well-pruned hedges, it’s hard to cope over those few wintery months that limit you from spending valuable time in your beloved garden. With the main, cold months finally behind us, it’s time to […]

How to Make Your Neighbors Jealous of Your Garden

If you want to make your neighbors jealous of your garden, the following tips may be of benefit to you. Make sure you plan things properly. Look up images of gardens designed by landscape architects for instance. Your garden is like a canvas or work of art. It needs to have certain stand out points […]

Choosing the right pond liner

Choosing a pond liner is more than just finding the right size. The type of pond liner you choose should be based on the ground type and, of course, your budget. Knowing the types of pond liner available, and why quality matters, can help you find one that will serve you well. Why is a […]

Aquaponics, Chicken Coop Plans, and Composting: Permaculture Ideas for the Backyard

Permaculture is a unique type of gardening involving the creation of self-sustaining miniature ecosystems that, once properly equipped, can thrive and flourish all by themselves. The concept is based on the idea of working in conjunction with nature rather than trying to substitute nature with a conventional garden, which typically requires more manual maintenance and […]

An Orchard in the Corner

In the past if you wanted an orchard you would need a lot of space. Traditional fruit trees require a lot of space, which is why you only found them in the gardens of big houses. These days to establish an orchard all you need is a small piece of land. Here we tell you […]

6 Pivotal Steps to Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Spring is just around the corner. The trees are growing their leaves, the birds are coming back from their southern journey, and grass is poking through the sparse snow. You’re probably already dreaming of afternoon picnics or croquet tournaments on the lush, deep green, thick grass of your lawn. But hold on a minute. A […]