Tips for Furniture Shopping

If your furniture is no longer meeting your needs, you may be in the market for an upgrade. New furniture can completely change the look and feel of your home, and improve your quality of life. Before you embark on your shopping trip, here are four ways to make the process more fun and get […]


How to Clean Hard-to-Clean Furniture

Your furniture is an important part of every room. But did you know each piece of furniture can also be a major carrier of germs and bacteria? You don’t want anyone is your home to get sick just because they sat on your sofa, but many types of furniture, such as sofas and chairs, are very difficult […]


How to Upcycle Furniture

Bored of your furniture? Can’t afford new stuff? Then upcycling is your new best friend. It’s fun, creative and you’ll also get a piece of new furniture out of it too. Find the Piece Whether you have something in mind that needs sprucing up, or you’ve found a piece of furniture in a charity shop […]