Cameras to Incorporate in Your Home Security System

The best way to keep an eye on your house is well, to keep an “eye” on your house, which is something you can do in the form of a video camera. More and more homeowners are discovering this option and installing cameras as part of an overall home security plan. Some are opting to install just the cameras, but the goal in both cases is to be able to monitor their home’s entry points and in particular, the doors.

With smart-home technology, homeowners can tap into live video whenever they choose, making these cameras a valid deterrent to would-be burglars who don’t want to be caught on tape. If you want to beef up the deterrent factor a little more, steal a page from a security company’s handbook and call attention to the camera with a window sticker or sign. Another option is to install it in a prominent spot that’s still far enough away that it can’t be messed with. Here are a few camera options to consider.

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is a high-definition camera that delivers live feeds of whatever it’s pointed at to your smartphone, tablet or even your computer. For $10 a month, you can add DVR capabilities, too, making the Nest Cama great choice for businesses who want to be able to review footage of the office or store areas. This camera provides a wide-angle view in 1080p HD and also allows you to zoom in for an up-close look. Even better, it comes with a microphone and speaker that you can use to speak to your guest or warn them away.

If you’re a workaholic or travel often, leaving your home empty, you’ll find comfort in knowing that you can tap into the Nest Cam feed to investigate why an alarm was tripped at your home and get a visual on any problems. If you live alone, you’ll receive an alert when the camera senses motion or sound. It even works after-hours with night-vision LED, so you’ll be able to see any after-hours visitors.

Video Doorbell


This is a cool little gadget that works in place of the doorbell. With a built-in camera and microphone, too, Video Doorbell offers the same basic service as the Nest Cam and works with strategically placed Stick Up Cams to monitor the entire perimeter. You can also use settings to alert you when a motion sensor is triggered, and use your smartphone app to check out your house in real time. If it’s someone you know at the door, such as a house sitter or friend, you can unlock the door and give them access if you wish.


Use Arlo inside or outside to monitor your home and grounds day or night. This camera offers night vision and wireless technology. It runs on lithium batteries, the same type of battery you’ll find in electric cars. Arlo is easy to install and also to move when you want to try a different viewing angle. This camera comes with 200 MB of free storage as well, in case you’d like to establish a video archive. More storage is available for a fee. Video quality is very good and you can access live feeds on your phone. As with the other cameras, you will receive an alert if a motion sensor is tripped.

Things to Ask When Shopping for Home Security

The best thing you can do when you’re considering a home security system is to shop around and compare plans and prices. If you don’t want to hassle with the phone calls, quotes, etc., visit for an article that does the comparison shopping for you.

When you decide to work with a home security provider, first and foremost, be sure to read the contract and make sure you understand the terms, including any installation costs, monthly payments, and length of the contract. Be sure to ask about rollover provisions when your contract expires. Are you automatically enrolled again if you don’t call to cancel?

Technology has allowed homeowners to take a more active role in home security, even when they’re not home themselves. What’s next? Well, personal robots just might be the ones to answer your door in the near future, but that’s a topic for another time.


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