Buying a foreclosed home – What are the steps involved in the process?

It seems half of the nation has experienced foreclosure and majority of them are still going through it. As per recent reports it has been seen that the number of foreclosed homes is staggeringly high and there are more and more adjustable rate mortgages that are about to be reset, however the end is nowhere in sight. This kind of crisis offers the opportunity for the prospective homebuyers to place their hands on the houses that were impossible for many to afford during the boom years. However, when you’re not looking for new homes, there are some pitfalls too that you may have to face. .If you’re planning on moving but wondering about the steps that you need to take in order to purchase a foreclosed home, here are some that you may consider.”

  1. Search for the mispriced listings: Looking for the mispriced listings can occur in 2 different ways. All the properties that are underpriced get a ton of activity and they go sooner but you can actually get a better deal through an overpriced foreclosed property. The houses that have been overpriced, might not obtain interest and they may sit on the market for more than a year. Therefore, if you can make an offer on these, the bank may soon take actions.
  2. Ensure your repair costs fit your plan: For all the homebuyers who are ready for the challenge, this can mean getting a property that is way less than the market value. If the home has been listed a $170,000 and it requires repairs that is worth $20,000, you should take a close look at the other properties in the neighborhood. Choose the one that will come at a cheaper cost for your wallet. This is something important before building new home communities as well.
  3. Take a close look at the neighborhood: Remember that a good neighborhood will always support the value of your home throughout time. Apart from scouring the neighborhoods, you should look for easy access to shopping areas, distance between your neighborhood and the working firms, whether or not the area has some good schools, parks and other recreation areas. One more thing to check out is the total number of foreclosures in that particular area. Be wary if you see a number of foreclosures in a single area.
  4. Pay in cash if you can: There are some lenders who prefer cash transactions than purchases through finances and they are the ones who offer deeper discounts. However, if cash is not an option for you, you should get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan so that you can take immediate steps when you find your dream home within your budget.

Therefore, when you’re worried about getting some cash for purchasing a new home, you can either look for new home communities with warranties or try your luck at buying foreclosed homes. However, before taking the plunge into the homebuying bandwagon, take the required steps to strike the best deal.

Lauren Taylor Drew is an expert in the real estate industry and also manages a number of blogs that deal with various topics related to the home and the current industry. Some topics covered by Lauren Taylor are the current mortgage rates, the steps that need to be taken by the homebuyers to get the best deal and many more.Take advantage of the money that you have saved in buying a foreclosed home to hire a local mover that will be careful with your home and belongings. 

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